Do You Want a Steady Stream of High-Quality Prospects coming through your door every single day like clockwork?

Join us for our upcoming training in St. Louis

This Event is Free of Charge.

Learn more about how Scott Brooks, a 100M producer, helps advisors like you find and close high-quality clients on a regular basis.

Our Advisors are meeting with MORE High-Quality Prospects NOW than ever before. That’s right. As our country digs itself out of the past year, our advisors are seeing High-Quality prospects and closing more of them.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to get in front of high-quality prospects (minimum of $500K of investable assets)
  • How to give those prospects EXACTLY what they want so they do business with you
  • How to write larger cases than ever before
  • How to leverage BHFM’s coaching and marketing platform to build the business you have always wanted

Join Us:

July 26-27 at the 
Ameristar Hotel in St. Charles, MO

Dan, Michigan

"In the first two years of working with BHFM, my business grew from about 350k in annual production, to over 1.2M. It has been great! I look forward to continued growth and success with BHFM."

Who is Scott Brooks?

Scott Brooks is one of the most successful producers in the industry.

He has built a practice that acquires over $50,000,000 in Assets annually. With this knowledge he has helped multiple producers build successful practices and scale their business to new heights.

Business Profile:

Sold business in 2009 - Reopened in late 3Q14

  • Total Revenue in 2014: $190,000 (in just a little over 4 months)

  • Total Revenue in 2015: $512,000

  • Total Revenue in 2016: $1,250,000

  • Total Revenue in 2017: $1,875,000

  • Total Revenue in 2018: $2,600,000

  • Total Revenue in 2019: $5,600,000 

  • Total Revenue in 2020: $6,450,000 

  • Total Revenue in 2021: $6,900,000

  • 2022 Fee and Trail Income: $4,200,000+