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How Yo You Close More High-Quality Prospects?

What is a High-Quality Prospect?

Individuals who want and need your services and have at least $500,000 - $1,500,000 of INVESTABLE ASSETS

  • High-Quality Prospects come from multiple sources of marketing.
  • Closing High-Quality Prospects takes a different sales process than your typical leads.
  • Our process has a “longer sales funnel” and includes a Full Written Retirement Financial Plan. Allowing you to close more prospects and get more assets.

Our Sales System:

Includes scripted, and videotaped training that clearly demonstrates:

  1. What to say.
  2. How to say it.
  3. When to say it.
  4. How to have clear consistent body language that is congruent with the message you are delivering.
  5. The “Why” behind everything we do including the sales psychology of our processes.
  6. How to overcome objections BEFORE they happen.
  7. How to RE-FRAME yourself in the eyes of your High-Quality Prospects so that they truly see you as either a Trusted Advisor or a Fiduciary

Learn how to close more High-Quality Prospects today!

BHFM has helped me build a business where I don’t have to worry about where the next lead is coming from. They taught me how to build a successful practice that makes money even when I’m not there!

Mark, Missouri

Using the Money Now Campaign, I was able to close a case for over 2M! Leveraging the Longevity software and risk graphs, I was able to put an income plan together that made it easy and did all the work. I look forward to continuing to work with BHFM on my next client.

Alan, Maryland

Three years ago I was on my way out of this business. Then I met Scott with BHFM. That meeting changed everything. Thanks to his program, I now have a strong, thriving business and I’m even in the process of expanding.”

Jason, Oklahoma

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